What is a Tattoo Convention?

Tattoo conventions have been happening around the world and Canada for decades. They are a celebration of tattoo culture and bring together tattoo artists, tattoo collectors, vendors and entertainers for a multi-day event.

The focus of the convention is bringing together tattoo artists from different cities and countries, and giving the host city’s residents a chance to get tattooed by these artists and see them in action.

Not everyone can travel to see a tattoo artist they would like to get tattooed by, so a convention saves you travel by bringing the artist to you.

While the convention connects locals with tattoo artists from across the continent and world, it also brings together the local tattoo community for a fun event celebrating the craft and culture.

What do you do at a tattoo convention?

You can walk around around and watch some amazing artists tattooing live. There might be iconic Canadian tattooers, talent from overseas or artists who have been featured on shows like Inkmaster. You can also get tattooed by an attending tattoo artist with anything from a carefully planned tattoo or a spur-of-the moment tattoo to mark the moment.

A lot of the tattoo artists and shops are also selling amazing original art prints, clothing, hats, stickers and books. Other vendors will be selling all kinds of merchandise.

There will be tattoo judging contests for best tattoos of the day and the show which is a great time to see some of the awesome finished tattoos being done at the show. There may be scheduled entertainment, displays and spots to hang out for refreshments and snacks. (Stay tuned for the full Winnipeg Tattoo Convention schedule.)

The atmosphere is relaxed and fun, and we think you will have an awesome time. See you at the show!