During our 2017, 2018 & 2019 Marked for Life fundraisers, we raised more than $42,000 for the Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba. Thanks to the dozens of tattoo artists who volunteered their time and for the booth attendees who got tattooed and donated. Marked For Life will be back again for the 4th Annual Winnipeg Tattoo Convention.

Marked for Life Tattoo Fundraiser

Several talented tattoo artists will be donating their time and talent at the Marked for Life booth doing pre-drawn tattoos in exchange for donations that will go entirely to the Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba.


“Many tattoo artists have been impacted by mental illness, depression and suicide,” explains convention director and tattoo artist Rich Handford. “We have lost loved ones and really want to give back to an organization that makes a difference and supports people affected by mood disorders.”


How it Works

People attending the convention can visit the Marked for Life booth and get tattooed in exchange for a set donation. There will be a selection of tattoo designs to choose from that have tiered pricing ranging from $100 to $350. Pick a design and get in line to get tattooed!


While we understand that people have many ideas for sentimental tattoos, the goal of this fundraiser is to raise funds and there are some restrictions to what will be tattooed. If you have an idea for a custom tattoo or particular memorial tattoo, we strongly recommend visiting one of the many tattoo artists in our city during the year.


For the fundraiser, you will be able to choose from a selection of line drawings, there will be no custom tattoos, arms and legs only, cash only payment and no receipts will be issued. Following these rules will help our fundraiser move along quickly meaning more tattoos and more funds raised. Thanks for understanding!


The booth will be first come, first served with a waiting list on site. There will be no appointments. Just show up and get in line for a tattoo!

Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba


MDAM will be on hand at the Marked for Life booth to share information about the services it offers to those affected by mood disorders in the province.


“Artwork is an important tool in mental well-being and this type of event offers a vehicle for expression,” says Tara Brousseau Snider. “We want to thank and acknowledge our appreciation to the Winnipeg Tattoo Convention for working with us to offer help to the 95,000 Manitobans that received peer support, information, education, and advocacy through MDAM last year.”


While not all cases may be documented, we know that in 2014 more than 76,000 Manitobans were impacted by mood disorders ( Statistics Canada ). Over four years (2009-10 to 2012-13) there were over 459 known suicide attempts made by children in Manitoba ( Manitoba Centre for Health Policy).


For more information on MDAM visit .