Celebrating Canadian Tattooers: Steve Moore

Steve Moore – Nanaimo, BC

Steve Moore is a featured artist at the Winnipeg Tattoo Convention. Flipping through the ebook True North Strong Vol.1, Steve’s name appears multiple times because he is named as an influential artist by many Canadian tattooers.

After getting his start in Ontario almost 25 years ago, Steve continued to apprentice under and work alongside some of Canada’s great tattooing talent. He has gone on to become one of Canada’s best known tattooers, sought-after for his large-scale, colourful three-dimensional style art.

What’s your style?
I would say my style would be illustrative. I’ve dabbled in all styles… I think as a tattooer you should be versatile. Eventually I started to be more selective and pursue work that would challenge me and help me develop. When I have to draw something… I think about it in terms of volume and depth. So that’s the way I put it on paper. I think that’s the most true and honest way for ME to represent things. I hope that in some way my hand comes through in the final image. I want to interact with my subject matter…and I hope that’s what happens to the viewer. I like story telling.

Where do you pull influence from for your tattooing, who, if any influences you the most?
Influence is plentiful and overwhelming now. My biggest influence has always been my clients. They fill my head with imagery and allow me the opportunity to create it with a purpose. The single biggest influence on my tattooing would be my mentor Aaron Cain. He is by far the most talented all around artist I’ve ever met. He was beyond generous with me in my early career…Giving me advice on all aspects of the tattoo process from the technical side to the artistic.

Why tattooing?
It has given me purpose and allowed me to develop as an artist. I am grateful to everyone that has helped, trusted and believed in me through the years. I’ve travelled quite a bit and been published in books and magazines, all doing something I truly Love. I draw so that I can tattoo.

Visit’s Steve’s artist page here on our site.

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